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Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs in our community to level up your business. 

What is Network in Action?

The World’s Second Largest Networking Organization for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Community Leaders

Network in Action is  the world’s second-largest business referral organization but the only one with paid professionals and state-of-the-art technology bringing busy business owners and decision-makers together with a once-a-month commitment. Since 2014, business owners can participate in monthly meetings that will always focus on the member. 

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NIA groups may be local businesses or groups based on a shared affinity, like college alums, faith-based, or veteran-focused groups. NIA offers the only professional networking groups that are 100% virtual for businesses that need connections across the country or the globe. NIA Members are actively supported by a professional franchise owner who provides the knowledge, structure, and the best technology in the industry for the continued success of NIA Members.

NIA Central, WA Owner & Founder

Meet Monica M. Santillanes-Sanchez

Monica Sanchez is the local owner/CEO of Network In Action Central WA. She is dedicated to building strategic relationships across our valley to create a community for entrepreneurs to level up their success in business, because we are better together.

As a business advisor she was reminded of how entrepreneurs face unique challenges and have a different mindset when running a business. Every business owner needs support because it can be lonely at the top. By having a board of advisors that understands your challenges can shorten the learning curve. And have a safe space where you can learn from each other and receive support.

This community is unlike no other. Her vision is to breakdown the silos of networking groups and build bridges where we can connect businesses together regionally and globally without additional volunteering or weekly meetings.

Monica grew up in the Yakima Valley, has been married to her husband for 30 years, raising two amazing daughters. She graduated in 2018, and is first generation in her family to earn a bachelor degree summa Cum Laude while working full time at Heritage University.

Monica’s Personal Mission & Vision for NIA Central WA

I believe entrepreneurs need a support system that is personal, open-minded and puts others first.

My commitment is to build a bridge across central Washington for business owners to collaborate and connect throughout our valley, across the nation, and internationally.

The more we support business owners with this type of community the more we can all grow and be successful.

Network In Action Group In-Person Meeting Locations

Our Core Values Empower Us to Focus on You & Your Business

We are committed to the success of our members and our community, and together we know we can make a difference while helping each other along the pathway to success. 

Cultivating an Environment Where People Come First

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Our community is here to share and connect people to one another whether you receive a direct benefit or not. By putting one another first, and helping each other with the things we need we open the door to fully put each other first, and have even more success than giving to get something in return. 

Technology & Innovation for Increased Success

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We have lots of ways to connect, share, and communicate as a Network in Action community. We believe that technology is our friend that makes it easy for us to support one another even if we don’t meet every single one. We are here to collaborate not compete. Using the principles of abundance and success, we widen the bridge and the ability to connect with one another in ways that lift and support to create a win-win. 


Space to Focus on Your Business

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Everyone who runs a business has a to-do list that could reach the sun. Once a month you get the opportunity to come and fill up your cup, and focus on what matters to you in your business. Our meetings start and end on time, and we respect your time so that you can juggle all the things that are important. 

There are no volunteers in our organization, there are no requirements for your time besides attending 11 out of the 12 monthly meetings. You will have the say in how you show up, and remember what you put in you will get back. 

It’s important to us that you have the space you need to focus on your business so you can reach your goals, without it feeling like you have another job. 

Being Open Minded & Resourceful

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Having a safe space to ask questions, learn and connect with your peers without judgement is key to long term success. We all know things that other people don’t and when we are open to sharing our knowledge and resources it changes the game for the whole community. 

Being open minded and resourceful takes everyone involved, you as the entrepreneur and all group members as your peer advisors, and us as leaders.  When we are open and resourceful this is when we start to solve problems that we didn’t even know we had. 

Our meetings are focused on building relationships first and foremost. This is not about sales pitches, pressure or pleasing, this is about helping, and coming together because we want too. 

Real Community Collaboration & Win-Win’s

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We are here to collaborate not compete. Using the principles of abundance and success, we widen the bridge and the ability to connect with one another in ways that lift and support to create a win-win. 

We take each relationship seriously. We are each experts and professionals in our community which means we come from a place of respect and ownership. Collaboration, support, and comradery are the focus of our community, in or outside of our meetings.  

It’s up to you how you show up, and when you do show up, watch out, you will be celebrated and welcome as we collaborate together.

Diversity & Inclusion for Everyone to Grow

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We do not discriminate here at Network in Action. We provide a space for everyone regardless of your race or background, gender, or if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community you are welcome here. 

Our job is to help support as many entrepreneurs as possible, bringing our diverse strengths together to lift one another up. 

We do have a process to ensure that each member is the right fit for each group, and for our community. We run a background check on everyone who joins, to ensure that we are professionals with integrity, and want to contribute to the community. This process is not based on gender, race, or sexual orientation, or if you know “the right people”. The goal is that we ensure that this is a place where you will be fully supported, and celebrated.

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