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Crowd Coaching for Small Business Success

Over 6 months, get the foundations you need to be successful in your small business. Our live virtual training makes it easy for you to focus on growing yourself and your business.

At the end of the 6 months, you have the opportunity to continue working with us or join our networking community or both!

Monthly Training to Develop Your Skills & Implement New Knowledge

Crowd Coaching provides monthly training and development for startups, new solopreneurs, small businesses, and business owners with support and tools to level up their businesses, reach their goals, and ultimately achieve success.

Sometimes these smaller businesses cannot afford to invest in mentoring or business coaching, so we have created an affordable option that brings a variety of resources to you. Ultimately, we know that when you have access to support, new knowledge and skills you can significantly increase yourability to succeed. 

Learn & Develop Critical business skills

Learn everything from Human Resources to Bookkeeping, to Marketing Strategies, to Grant writing/Applications, and everything in between.

Expand Your Network & Connections

During the monthly meetings connect with the experts and professionals who are right alongside you in their journey. Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone.

Resources from Real Professionals

Each month you will learn from experts who have been vetted, and who are known for delivering high-quality services.

Knowledge that applies to Your needs

I take the time to find topics and tools that will help you with the things you are facing right now. Croawd Coaching makes learning fun, and exciting. The trainings also make it so you can take hat you learn and implement it right away!

Consistent trainings to Get New Results

Over 6 months, you will be surprised at how much 2 hours of training each month can influence your ability to take new action and take the steps you need to be successful.

Decrease your stress & Increase Your Profit

We believe when we develop our skills, and connect with like-minded individuals who are in similar shoes, suddenly being an entrepreneur gets a bit easier. This crowd-coaching program

Connect with Monica During an E-Coffee Chat to Learn More

I’m here to help you to learn more about the topics you need to grow your business. My commitment to you is that you can learn new skills, and make the right connections that accelerate your pathway to success. 

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Pontential Topics & Trainings


Budget & Finance

Learning the ins and outs of budgeting and finance is very important for small businesses because it helps businesses plan and make smart decisions. Get clear on how to keep track of how much money is coming in and going out, so that. your small businesses can make sure you’re using resources wisely and making as much profit as possible.

Understanding Business Law

Every business needs to understand its rights and the laws that influence its ability to exist and operate. This training helps entrepreneurs and business owners know your rights and responsibilities, so you can make informed decisions and avoid legal troubles while running their businesses.

Branding & Marketing

Discover what you need to establish your business brand and make a marketing plan. Know what to do to effectively promote your brand through strategies like advertising and social media, to attract customers, build trust, and stand out from the competition, ultimately increasing your chances of success.

Protecting You & Your Business – Navigating Insurance

Understand what your business insurance needs to cover, and what your options are. It is important to protect your business from potential financial losses due to accidents, property damage, or lawsuits. Having the right insurance coverage gives business owners peace of mind and ensures that your hard work and investments are safeguarded.

Sales Systems & Tracking

Having a sales system is very important to know if you are taking actions that reach your goals. Gain clarity on what information you need to track related to your sales data, such as revenue and customer information. This data helps you identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve your strategies to drive more sales and achieve growth.

Treat Your Business Like an Asset

There is always a gap between where you want to be and where you are right now. Through this session learn how to take actions that build value in your business right now. It’s important that you know what you need in place to not only make it profitable but to position it for long-term success, and scalability. This also includes being clear about your end goal and how to plan moving forward for your future retirement.

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