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Networking Groups & Communities

Our monthly meetings make it easy for you to focus on growing you and your business. Between meetings, we use technology to stay connected, build relationships, and pass referrals creating a fun way to collaborate and be successful.

A Unique Approach & Commitment to Your Success

NIA is different than any other networking group out there, particularly here in the Central, Washington area. Here are a few of the key differences, and we invite you to visit one of our meetings to see and feel the difference yourself.

Built for Business owners & Entreprenuers

Our groups are strategically designed for your success. We bring the best of the best members into the group so you are surrounded by the brightest entrepreneurs around.

Monthly Meetings

We meet once a month for an hour and a half. During our meetings, we get to know each other, learn new skills, participate in masterminds, and work on our businesses with our trusted group of peer advisors.

Guaranteed ROI

We believe that powerful networking should produce powerful results, which is why our members have a guaranteed ROI when they are all in and participate for 1 year. If we don’t meet the ROI we promise then the next year is on us.

Led by Professional Leadership - Not Volunteers

Monica Sanchez is invested in your success as the professional leader of all the NIA Central Washington groups. Her focus is on building these groups so that we can succeed together.

state of the art technology

Network In Action uses a variety of tools to help us to stay connected, pass referrals, share and promote our business, and build relationships. The best part is that it is easy to use, which makes staying connected fun and engaging.

Refer with Confidence

Monica takes the time to vet each member before they join NIA. This includes an application, and a short interview, along with a background check. Monica is here to ensure that our NIA community is trustworthy, collaborative, and positive.

Additional Networking & Collaboration

As part of Monica’s mission to break down the barrier across Central Washington, when you are part of one group you are welcome to participate and connect with any member in any group. After all when we work together more of us are able to achieve success.

Variety of Additioanl Training & Development for You & Your Team

Network In Action provides valuable training & tools to all its members across the United States. This includes monthly training such as Sales Mastery, Focus Forum, and Network with the Nations. These additional online training and tools are exclusive to NIA members and their teams.

And More

We are dedicated to your success. As members, you have access to participate and promote yourself through our Hello Mainstreet podcast, Facebook groups, and more. Ultimately, Monica is here to connect you with the people you need and bring your business more visibility.

Additional Member Benefits

Training, Resources, and Tools for Your Businesses success

NIA provides a variety of additional benefits to each and every member. As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats, and the additional tools and training available provided help you not only save time and money, but it can help your employees and team to have additional support too.


Some of the benefits our members have access to include:

Network with the Nations*

Live Virtual Networking Every Month on the First Wednesday of the Month (Value $995/year)

Sales Mastery Live Trainings*

Training from Leading Sales Experts to Increase Your Confidence and Sales Strategies and Techniques – Every Third Wednesday of the Month

Focus Forum*

Hear from professional speakers that uplift, inspire, and motivate you & your team every month on the Fourth Wednesday of Each Month

Network in Action University* On-Demand Trainings for You & Your Team

Value $12,000+/year

Free Business Solutions & Discounted Services

CRM – Value $1000, Reputation Management Software – Value $2,400, Guest Posting Articles – Value $800, Become a Published Author in Your Field – Value $4,000 and More

and More

*Indicates it’s included with your annual membership without an additional fee. 

Why We Are Confident in Your Return on Investment

Network in Action by the Numbers

Referrals Passed

Opportunity Value

Active Groups

Developing Groups

Total Members

Why Our Members Love Our NIA Community

Mastermind & Trusted Advice

Our networking groups exist to connect you with the right people to help you move quickly through the areas that hold you back.

Collaboration That Expands Your Network

Connect with and collaborate with members in any of our groups, and visit any groups you want/need to create and build the connections to succeed.


Have Time to Focus on Your Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners have many hats to wear and things to accomplish, sometimes working on your business takes a back seat. Each month we give you the space to focus on your business.

Community Resources & Support

Monica is very focused on what our local business community actually needs, be it grant information, resources to get started, advice from experts, and more. Her goal is to give members more access to what they need right now to be successful!

No Longer Alone in Your Business Journey

Having people who understand what its like to be a business owner and entrepreneur is vital to grow and scale your business.

You Get a Platform to Support Others

Through our podcast, and crowd coaching our members are able to share their expertise. Through the podcast, you get a platform to share what you are up to. In crowd coaching, we prioritize our members as our monthly speakers so you can use your expetise to empower others to be successful too.

Increase Your Reach as a Trusted Professional

We use specific marketing strategies to promote you and your business. Our goal is to expand your reach and visibility so you can get more eyes on your business.

Genuine Support & Results

We provide an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming environment. Through our collaborative efforts as a community, we know that together we can accomplish way more than we could individually. NIA is committed to every member’s long-term success.

Connect with Monica During an E-Coffee Chat to Learn More

I am here to answer any questions you have and to help you level up your business with our networking community. You can count on me to be here to cheer you on, connect you with the right people, and do my best to support you in your success.

Find an NIA Central, WA Community

Network In Action is business networking in the 21st century for busy professionals.

We create meaningful strategic connections that will help you grow and scale your business. Our mastermind community is for scale-focused entrepreneurs and CEOs motivated by results, committed to growth, and willing to be engaged and support others to scale their businesses and yours as well.

Don’t forget lite bites and the first round of drinks are on me!

Lower Valley, Washington (Grandview, Prosser, Zillah, Sunnyside, and More) | Business Builders

Unlock a world of possibilities as you create new connections, exchange ideas, and foster meaningful relationships with top business builders. These relationships have the potential to reshape the future of your business. 

Second Tuesday of the Month | 8 to 9:30 am

Tri-Cities, Washington | Influencer Network

Elevate your networking game, stay ahead of the curve, and build relationships that influence your community. Connect with owners and professionals who are truly best in class in their respective industries, building a community dedicated to one another’s growth and success. 

Second Tuesday of the Month | 3 to 4:30 pm

Yakima, Washington | Elite Connectors

Scale your business by building meaningful relationships with other business leaders top in their field. This is your chance to be part of a vibrant community that celebrates achievements, supports growth, and believes in the power of collective success.

Second Wednesday of the Month | 7 to 8:30 am

Yakima, Washington | Master Collaborators

This business networking group is all about conversations that lead to collaborations, collaborations that lead to innovation, and innovation that propels our community forward. Join us every month as we create an energetic and supportive environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

Second Wednesday of the Month | 3 to 4:30 pm

Some of our members

Our Network In Action Central Washington Community brings the brightest and the best industry leaders, trailblazers, and visionaries together all driven by a shared passion for growth and innovation.

Ready to Grow with Our Community?

I look forward to getting to know you better, and here more about your business, your goals, and how we can support you to be successful!

How to Become a Member & Join Our Community

It’s simple to become part of the NIA Central Washington Community, wether you want to join a group in Yakima, Tri-Cities, or the Lower Valley the process is the same.

Connect with Monica

I am here to get to know you and help answer any questions you might have.

Visit A Group

You are not required to visit before you join, and we love when we have guests.

Submit An Application

When you submit an application and pay your $200 application fee you are committing to be part of our community for the full year.


Within the first week of becoming a member we will meet with you to connect you with our technology, so you have access to all the tools you need to be successful as part of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to answer your questions and get to know you.

Whats included in my online member profile?

We have your basic information, a bio, a picture of you, and we even film a short video that makes it easy for people to get to know you better.

Are there refunds after I submit my application?

Once you have submitted your application there is no refunds. 

Do you have an attendance policy? 

Yes, we believe that it is important that our members are committed to the community for their success. We do ask if you are unable to attend that you send a substitute in your place.  

Can I Be Part of Multiple Groups? 

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Contact Us

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Hours of Operation

M-F: 10am - 5pm
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